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Name Sex Email Phone Note Level Date
Joe Example male 919.523.1206 6'1" setter looking for a fun team Competitive Wed Nov 20 9:02:24 America/Boise 2013
Kaylee Caruso female 7047933097 Looking for a team to join for the fall season! Intermediate Thu Aug 2 8:29:40 America/Boise 2018
Mary Boyd female 7042527654 Looking for a team to join in the fall or winter! Intermediate Mon Aug 6 14:47:37 America/Boise 2018
Lisa Digman female 5635424445 My summer league is about over and looking to play into fall. I would say I'm semi competitive and also just like to have fun!! Any Tue Aug 7 20:14:28 America/Boise 2018
Megan Vinh female 717-873-9458 I played volleyball in college (D3) and played in a rec league while living in OR a few years ago. I知 looking to get back to playing. I知 open most nights (except Thursday). In college, I was an outside hitter, but can play most positions. I知 competitive and just love the game! Any Tue Aug 7 20:48:00 America/Boise 2018
naveen male 7064424110 Looking to get into Rec or intermediate level.I am agile, athletic and a great team player. Any Mon Aug 13 8:25:47 America/Boise 2018
Sri N male 9192486036 Looking to join as sub or regular for Wednesday games Intermediate Wed Aug 15 18:51:01 America/Boise 2018
Thiago choose 2107936875 Recreational Wed Aug 22 11:10:38 America/Boise 2018
Jessie female 3365801650 I played club volleyball in highschool as well as competitive intramural league in college. Currently I play on a competitive league in Durham. I知 looking for a team that likes to have fun! Wednesday痴 are my best days. I coach MS volleyball and we have games most Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our season will end October 10. Competitive Sat Sep 8 11:40:42 America/Boise 2018
Tatiana Durr female 7608223784 UNC Alum looking for a competitive fun team to play on! Can play any position, but prefer outside. Competitive Sun Sep 16 15:35:49 America/Boise 2018
Shannon A Strong female 9193891248 I played competitive indoor for years in HS and College. I prefer DS/libero but I have good hands and can set if needed. I am very quick on my feet, I have a strong knowledge of volleyball strategy including many types of rotations, I am athletic and quick, and I am not afraid to hit the floor! I am a true team player and I would love to be a part of a fun and hard-working team for Winter league. I would prefer at least intermediate or competitive. I am 5'5" Competitive Mon Sep 17 13:54:10 America/Boise 2018
Meghan Whitney female 9194413068 Played varsity in high school and travel club team at the national level. Prefer DS as I知 shorter 5 5 but can play setter or outside. Also played intramural in college and now that i graduated I知 looking to get back involved in the game! Competitive Sun Sep 23 19:18:19 America/Boise 2018
Amalia L Carter female 9192479352 Just looking for a fun rec team to join. Recreational Mon Sep 24 17:42:14 America/Boise 2018
Darby male 6154840877 6.0 recreational to intermediate player. Pretty good at all sport I try. Consistent server. Just looking for some fun & exercise after work. Intermediate Sat Sep 29 8:34:33 America/Boise 2018
Megan Haworth female 9186050632 This post is for next season. I played volleyball in high school,that was about 10 years ago. I played middle and am about 58. Just moved to the area and am looking for a fun team and to meet new people. Recreational Sat Sep 29 12:01:12 America/Boise 2018
Kristin Hylton female 9106509624 6ft Any position... Played HS and College and currently coach at a community college and play as often as possible! Competitive Sun Oct 28 13:14:04 America/Boise 2018
Chris Micharls male 8053900819 6'1" former player at Maryland. All around player with good hands. Looking for an indoor team this winter. Competitive Tue Oct 30 21:33:08 America/Boise 2018
Nina Hoffmann female 3302413201 Setter and right side hitter, looking for a team Competitive Wed Oct 31 14:37:24 America/Boise 2018
karthik male 9193766422 Hi, I played in rtpvl around year back and like to resume for the both indoor and outdoor. I am spiker and 6'1" and let me if you have any spots in your team or include me when you form a team. Competitive Thu Nov 1 10:51:53 America/Boise 2018
Lauren Gordon female 8283847291 My husband and I play Thursdays during summer & fall, but our teammates can't play on Sundays. We would love to find a team where we could both join for winter. We're both solid team players. Intermediate Sun Nov 4 20:50:40 America/Boise 2018
karthikeyan nagalingam choose 9193766422 Hi, I played in rtpvl around year back with christina team and like to resume for the both indoor and outdoor. I am a spiker and 6'1" and let me if you have any spots in your team or include me when you form a team. let's have fun in the court. Competitive Fri Nov 9 9:27:37 America/Boise 2018
Jeremy Potts male 6'2" middle hitter looking for a team for the winter league. I can also play outside hitter as well Competitive Thu Dec 6 9:14:37 America/Boise 2018
Rakesh K male 2146326763 Intermediate Thu Dec 13 12:34:52 America/Boise 2018
Sakina Simmons female 5597906292 Middle/OH hitter, All around player, 9 years experience + coaching experience Competitive Sun Dec 16 16:23:14 America/Boise 2018
Wiktor Walasik male 7163528081 6'2'', new to NC. Used to play middle hitter in competitive leagues and tournaments, but can play any position (well, you probably don't want me setting :) ). Looking to join a team or sub. Available any day but Thursdays. Competitive Sun Jan 6 8:26:50 America/Boise 2019