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Name Sex Email Phone Note Level Date
Joe Example male 919.523.1206 6'1" setter looking for a fun team Competitive Wed Nov 20 9:02:24 America/Boise 2013
Jessica O female 3056083145 Defensive specialist. Have played volleyball mainly as a libero for about 5 years. Competitive Mon Jul 25 13:22:36 America/Boise 2016
Haley Trapp female 704-942-4439 I played volleyball competitively all through highschool and then recreationally in college. I'd love to join a team or be a fill in for teams needing a sub. Love outdoor and indoor Competitive Mon Jul 25 14:03:57 America/Boise 2016
April female 9198898323 It's been a few years but looking to get back in. Would love to join! Recreational Wed Jul 27 19:32:01 America/Boise 2016
Patricia female Looking to join a team on Sunday's or Wednesday's Intermediate Wed Aug 3 8:38:00 America/Boise 2016
Ian Crowley male 8043055209 Looking to play in the competitive league on Tuesday evenings. Just moved down from Arlington VA where I've been playing sand vball for the past two years. Competitive Thu Aug 4 8:40:10 America/Boise 2016
Frank Kusluski male 919.238.4766 Experienced veteran player who is 6-foot-3 who can spike, block and can play any position looking to play 4s. Any Fri Aug 5 8:07:22 America/Boise 2016
Sue Yao female 5165328474 Any position, played mostly setter in past, played indoor middle/high school, haven't played competitively in a while, intermediate or recreational Intermediate Sat Aug 6 21:56:39 America/Boise 2016
Vikram Singh male 6128593575 6 ft tall, played in last RTP volleyball tournament too. Competitive Sun Aug 7 15:05:39 America/Boise 2016
Chi female 828-404-2557 playing for about 8 years, just wanted to find a fun league to play on Sunday/Monday, willing to play any position Intermediate Mon Aug 8 7:21:30 America/Boise 2016
Jose Aracena male 9192409693 I'm 6'0 tall, good setter and hitter, looking to subs on Sundays Competitive Wed Aug 10 10:14:16 America/Boise 2016
Logan male 336-255-9674 6' 2" Good blocker and hitter. Looking to join league/ play pickup. Competitive Wed Aug 10 12:39:40 America/Boise 2016
Ben Scofield male 919.789.1514 Haven't played for several years, but played indoor and outdoor regularly for ~10 years before that -- 5'11" S/OH Intermediate Sat Aug 13 14:59:14 America/Boise 2016
Nicole Dodd female 4349173823 I am new to the area and looking to get back into volleyball. I like sand and indoor. I played 4 years in high school and played coed at Richmond volleyball club before moving to the area! Intermediate Tue Aug 16 9:01:57 America/Boise 2016
Pamela Williams female 8043002195 Hi! Looking for a team that is recreational or intermediate. I am good in a number of positions and what to join a team for fitness and fun. Recreational Wed Aug 31 7:33:33 America/Boise 2016
Emma Auten female 3362077633 5'7" DS/Libero played all throughout high school competitively and in college recreationally, haven't played seriously in a couple of years but would like to get back into competitive play and I would warm up soon and it would come back to me easily with a couple practices! Competitive Wed Sep 7 8:51:58 America/Boise 2016
Julie Palmer female 8287128361 Just moved to Raleigh- played for about 20 years, however, have not been on a team/league for about 5 years. I miss it!! Intermediate Tue Oct 18 16:35:08 America/Boise 2016
Ashley Corporal female Just graduated from University of Kansas and I am new to this area. Would love to start playing again! I haven't played since December. I played all through high school and College. Any Tue Oct 18 20:40:21 America/Boise 2016
Sierra Gilmore female 910-964-0535 6'1 middle blocker. Played in college Competitive Sun Oct 30 17:12:23 America/Boise 2016
Rob male 919-610-8547 Played comp with C-Toes, don't know what they are called now. Took the last 3 or so years off. Can play anywhere. Can play quads if someone needs a 4th. Competitive Wed Nov 2 11:59:25 America/Boise 2016
Emily M female Played varsity and club in high school in Arizona; Collegiate club volleyball at University of Arizona for 4 years; 5'10"; Setter or DS; Recently moved to NC for medical school Competitive Sat Nov 19 10:08:55 America/Boise 2016
Emily Jackson choose 2484087197 Would love to join a team!! Intermediate Tue Nov 22 12:49:46 America/Boise 2016
Tyler Kuss male 585-415-0790 6'1 outside/ right side hitter. Can set if needed. Looking to join a competitive indoor winter league team. Competitive Sat Dec 3 17:54:37 America/Boise 2016
Scott Campbell male 984-232-4798 New to Raleigh - 6'2" former league player indoor/outdoor looking to get back into the game, but, mostly looking to have fun. Any Wed Dec 7 13:11:23 America/Boise 2016
Peter Filipov male 6178385024 6' 3''(190cm), middle blocker. I feel comfortable to play as opposite or receiver, too. I am interested in playing/practicing with 5-1 schema and having good results as a team. Competitive Fri Dec 9 12:02:28 America/Boise 2016
Gray Visco male 919-475-7525 6'2"; willing to play wherever; hoping to join an indoor volleyball team this winter. Competitive Mon Dec 12 17:14:34 America/Boise 2016
Kati owens female 9196962169 I played competitively through high school and rec and pick up through college. Mostly defense and outside hitter. Looking for a team to play with indoor! :) Competitive Wed Dec 14 20:53:56 America/Boise 2016
David Freeman male 7819274699 5'8 Setter/Libero in highschool. 1 year DIII experience Competitive Sat Dec 17 18:15:39 America/Boise 2016
Drew Frerichs male (661) 480-6649 6' tall male, been playing sand for 4 years. I would love to find an indoor or outdoor team Intermediate Thu Feb 16 21:01:04 America/Boise 2017
Shanna female Former D1 player, 5'10 OH/Libero, may be a little out of shape:) wicked jump float Competitive Tue Feb 21 21:58:00 America/Boise 2017
Lorraine Campos female LDC15@DUKE.EDU 9198138132 Played competitively in middle and high school, some club and recreationally in college (mostly indoors) and have now played sand volleyball for about 6 months. Open to playing Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday! Competitive Tue Feb 28 14:08:48 America/Boise 2017
Jenny female 804-363-5098 Hi i'm Jenny i'm 28 & looking to join a intermediate league! I played in travel teams through high school. After that have played in competitive & rec indoor / grass / sand leagues, usually middle or front row hitter but can play all around. Looking to play some great volleyball with awesome people Intermediate Mon Mar 6 8:41:16 America/Boise 2017
Tammi Knapp female 919-995-0397 I can sub on Sun and Monday nights Any Fri Mar 24 11:59:45 America/Boise 2017
Rachel G female 5132557971 Intermediate or recreational setter Intermediate Mon Mar 27 7:36:37 America/Boise 2017
Chris Dietsch male 5086334313 Looking for monday night team Any Wed Mar 29 21:03:57 America/Boise 2017
Loki male 3154848869 Height - 5'11, played for college team and since then been playing volley ball on intermediate and recreational levels. Interested on Tuesdays and Wednesday games. Intermediate Tue Apr 4 12:57:47 America/Boise 2017
Liz Garcia female (360) 509-2473 Hi. I played 3 years of varsity and 3 years of USA club (year round). Thanks for your consideration! Intermediate Wed Apr 5 15:34:03 America/Boise 2017
Kyle Backer male 631-416-4814 Just moved to the RTP area and looking to get back into club volleyball. I played in high school and recreational afterwards. Can sub for an intermediate or recreational team. Intermediate Fri Apr 21 13:58:27 America/Boise 2017
Michelle Weaver female 586-703-2379 Intermediate Mon Apr 24 6:28:39 America/Boise 2017
John Carpenter male Rec or Intermediate but fun; Looking for a fun team, or I can help make one (another co-worker will play) Intermediate Wed Apr 26 13:17:02 America/Boise 2017
David Goldberg male (609) 280-1647 Intermediate to Advanced. 6'2". Been playing since high school. Played competitve indoor in college, intramurals and leagues since. Locally involved in several leagues. Play both beach and indoor. Generally play outside hitter but pretty flexible. Any Fri May 5 13:57:44 America/Boise 2017
Nicole female 9198166377 6'1 lefty rightside/outside just relocated to the area looking to get on a court! :) 4 years of D1 experience at LSU and East Carolina. Competitive Fri Jun 2 8:55:19 America/Boise 2017
Hannah female 6126704870 Played A competitve women and coed's back in MN. Can set, hit, or play defense. Competitive Wed Jul 5 1:01:56 America/Boise 2017
Kira Gurganus female 919-741-9507 Hi! I'm new to RTI & looking to join a recreational team. Recreational Mon Jul 17 14:09:58 America/Boise 2017
Chris Michaels male 805-390-0819 Former Collegiate and AVP player - played AA levels in NVCA Club ball in CA. Moving to RTP on 8/11/17 Competitive Wed Jul 26 13:09:53 America/Boise 2017
Ryan Chung male 8643635670 Experienced vball player looking to play a little more often. Would like to field a Sun Quads team. Intermediate Thu Jul 27 14:19:32 America/Boise 2017
Josef male 9199142339 Any team needs player, I am available to play now! Competitive Fri Jul 28 12:05:07 America/Boise 2017
Brie Mackie female 7578790340 5'8, played competitively in high school as an outside hitter, played all around recreationally in college and after college in various volleyball leagues. Intermediate Tue Aug 1 7:01:14 America/Boise 2017