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Name Sex Email Phone Note Level Date
Joe Example male 919.523.1206 6'1" setter looking for a fun team Competitive Wed Nov 20 9:02:24 America/Boise 2013
Mark Slawinski male 6315666785 I played indoors competitively in high school and college. Looking to get back on the court and have some fun. Any Wed Jan 3 20:49:37 America/Boise 2018
Jared Jensen male 6025022628 6'4" good at blocking and spiking Any Sun Feb 11 9:37:53 America/Boise 2018
Emma D female 3048303029 Prefer defensive positions - open to quads, sixes, or doubles Intermediate Thu Feb 22 8:58:35 America/Boise 2018
Jared Jensen male 6025022628 6'4", likes to block, been playing intermediate and competitive sand rec leagues for the last few years Any Fri Feb 23 12:50:54 America/Boise 2018
Jeff Edgar male 571-332-7638 6í2Ē can hit outside or set in a pinch. Intermediate or competitive. Intermediate Mon Feb 26 8:53:14 America/Boise 2018
Josef male 9199142339 I am looking for a team to play for this season Competitive Mon Feb 26 18:15:48 America/Boise 2018
Ella female 8143603487 I havenít played in sand for 2 years and itís been a year since Iíve been on a court. I can probably still hit? Iím in it for fun wins Recreational Tue Mar 13 20:35:16 America/Boise 2018
Satheesh Nair male 9195210913 Intermediate or Recreational team Intermediate Thu Mar 15 8:55:33 America/Boise 2018
Lauren S female 239-672-0755 6'0". Played volleyball recreationally in the league last year and loved it! Looking for a fun group that supports one another. Indoor or outdoor! 🤘 ;Recreational Thu Mar 15 9:22:36 America/Boise 2018
Shree Nair male 9194394416 Monday 4s and Tuesdays 6s only. Used to play in the Sunday Quads a year ago, good setter, hitter and overall player :) Competitive Thu Mar 15 13:05:15 America/Boise 2018
Thanu male 7146794949 I am looking for a team to play for this season , setter & Back row passer and overall player Intermediate Mon Mar 19 8:38:23 America/Boise 2018
Maggie Gustafson female (609) 651-0573 Looking for a Thursday night team (already have a Wednesday team). Just finished up Winter indoor and have been playing pickup weekly. Hoping to improve my all around skills with more touches on the ball and looking forward to getting my feet in the sand! Recreational Tue Mar 20 9:36:21 America/Boise 2018
Mirror male Strong intermediate player looking to play on a quad team Intermediate Tue Mar 20 21:30:03 America/Boise 2018
America Louise female 9198080860 Passion to play on a team of outstanding individuals. I'm a great setter, quick and good on back row. Played throughout high school and college Competitive Sun Mar 25 3:12:50 America/Boise 2018
Ana Martinez female 9199043180 Looking for a fun team to play for this season. I would like to improve my skills for the game Recreational Mon Mar 26 14:50:24 America/Boise 2018
Keith Karlsson male 9195397616 6' experienced player. Competitive or intermediate. Any Wed Mar 28 15:19:53 America/Boise 2018
Francesco Caserta male 984 528 0833 Intermediate Mon Apr 2 16:24:48 America/Boise 2018